Kid’s Summer Learning Camp 2018

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When: 1:00-3:30 July and August

Where: 1432 Ironwood Street, Campbell River (The Campbell River Commons beside UPS)

Who: Grades 3-6 welcome! 

Week 1 | $80 | July 30 –  August 3

Day 1

  • Create a secret message just like Harry Potter. Communicate the way George Washington did with his troops—it’s a secret.
  • How to power your cell phone while camping—how do batteries work and household items you can use to power up your cell phone

Day 2

  • Be a detective at a crime scene—the math and science of forensics

Day 3

  • Planes, gyros, spinning tops the science of space and momentum and twirling helicopters
  • Car races and crazy boats

Day 4

  • Engineering sturdy bridges, density towers

Day 5

  • DNA models—what are you made of
  • Breathing machines, lungs and the earth

Week 2 | $80 | August 13 – 17 

Day 1

  • Fabulous filters
  • Jungles in bottles
  • Fantastic fossils

Day 2

  • Sun prints as art and design and sun dials
  • Wormery the little workers underneath the soil

Day 3

  • Planting without dirt
  • Seedling pots that will make your cat and chickens happy
  • Zero mile diets eat what you grow
  • Latitude locators

Day 4

  • Brilliant barometers predict the weather before it happens
  • Rain gauges how much rain is too much
  • Thermometers and evaporation 

Day 5

  • Which way does the wind blow—if you are a pilot you need to know. Making an anemometer
  • Spinning whirlpools
  • Saltwater jars

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