Independent Living Assistant Series

Training Description

The Independent Living Assistant training series was developed in response to the need for entry-level workers armed with the professional training required to assist clients in their own homes. Representatives of Healthcare agencies told us that:

  • There is a gap in healthcare for vulnerable clients
  • Many seniors/elders want to continue living in their own homes longer and stay connected with their community
  • There is a shortage of workers equipped to provide basic assistance with daily living
  • Remote areas have limited access to support services for clients who are aging, require post surgery care, or have chronic diseases

This training package teaches students how to assist the elderly, the disabled, people who are in ill health, whether that be temporary situation due to a recent hospitalization or chronic illness. They also care for people who are alone and have no other support to assist them live their lives as independently as possible.

Graduates of our program will be prepared with professional level knowledge to help meet their client’s daily needs, and also the ability to communicate those needs as required to the other members of the healthcare team.

Our caring faculty and staff assure that they are accessible, student-centered and available by phone, email, or in person during the practical experiences to ensure each student can perform their duties and responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

Training Duration

Duration (full series includes all courses) 100 hours, 4 weeks, Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 3:00

The complete bundle of courses includes the following certificates:

  • Independent Living Assistant – 39 hours
  • Introduction to Medical Terminology – 25 hours
  • Introduction to Holistic Nutrition – 15 hours
  • Practical Lab Checklist – 12 hours
  • FOODSAFE – 9 hours