Microsoft Word and Excel


Our Computer Skills Course includes Microsoft Word 1 and Excel 1.

We also offer these courses on their own, as well as Word 2, Excel 2, Word Advanced, and Excel Advanced.

We currently teach using Microsoft Office 2013 programs. This is a deliberate choice, even though the most recent versions are Office 2019 and Office 365. The reasons we teach using 2013:

  • This is the version most large corporations still use.
  • The skills you learn in one version are transferrable to all versions. Newer versions may have some features in a different location, but there are little to no functionality changes.
  • We teach using a textbook, videos, and supplemental activities, and there is a wide variety to choose from for this version.

We offer these courses in our classrooms, or right at your place of business at a pace that is convenient to you (our most popular version is a 2-3 full-day intensive on either Word or Excel). Your employees will advance beyond the basics and learn to harness the power of these essential business programs; including intermediate functions, little-known tips, tricks and shortcuts that will help them become more efficient.

*To register for this trainging please call Bert Forrester at 250.850.2007 and press 2. If you are paying on behalf of an agency and have discussed with Bert please click the link below.register

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