Food Safe

Chef cleaning - shutterstock_56417221logoThe FOODSAFE Program is a comprehensive food safety training program designed for the food service industry. It is an initiative of the Province of British Columbia and is developed and managed by the BC FOODSAFE Secretariat in partnership with the BC Centre for Disease Control, the BC Regional Health Authorities, the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association and WorkSafe BC.

If you are interested in working in the food industry then taking a basic FOODSAFE course is a necessity. Everyone has to eat and eating out is a growing industry. Learn how to handle food safely for home use or as a skill to be used on the job site.

This is a 6 hour course




10 thoughts on “Food Safe

  1. Hello there,
    I’d like to know if you guys have the schedules of the course? Very interested but I have very busy schedules so want to know in advance.

    Thank you,

    Maria 250-287-6217


    • April 25: Foodsafe
      May 2: Stepping into the Workforce
      with Confidence
      May 4: Barista
      May 5: WHMIS
      May 9: Customer Service
      May 10: Cashier Training
      Almost all of our courses run monthly. We will call you shortly.


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