Computer Skills Series


15218490_10209461670871451_92186096_nTraining Description

This is a 14-day training series that will teach students to navigate and use computers confidently. This series is a total of 84-hours of training.

  • Computer Basics – 10 hours
  • Typing – 14 hours
  • Internet/Email – 15 hours
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – 5 hours
  • Microsoft Word – 15 hours
  • Microsoft Excel – 20 hours
  • Resume/Cover Letter Writing (Word Practice) – 5 hours

Learning Objectives
By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Create an email address
  • Send and receive emails
  • Upload/download attachments
  • Understand different types of browsers and search engines
  • Know what an operating system does
  • Sit at a computer using correct posture and learn about tools that make computer use more comfortable (foot stools, wrist pads, specialized mice and keyboards, etc)
  • How to type professionally and increase speed
  • Troubleshoot computer problems
  • Create folders and organize data
  • How to do regular computer maintenance
  • How to avoid trojans, viruses, worms and malware and what kind of anti-virus software
  • Online scams to be aware of
  • How to use the Cloud (Google Drive or One Drive)
  • How to create a slideshow using PowerPoint
  • How to create documents in Word
  • How to create spreadsheets in Excel
  • How to create professional cover letters and resumes


Computer Fundamentals

Day 1 – Computer Basics
The first day is spent learning the very basics about computers. We focus on building vocabulary and how to do basic computer navigation.

Day 2 – Computer Basics
The second day is spent becoming familiar with Windows 10. We go through all the settings and customize the computer to our needs.

Day 3 – Internet/Email
The third day is spent learning about browsers and how to navigate them, as well as completing an internet scavenger hunt that puts these skills to use.

Day 4 – Internet/Email
The fourth day is spent learning about proper email etiquette and how to upload attachments, in addition to exploring different Clouds (iCloud, Google Drive, One Drive). During the afternoon we explore computer dangers such as viruses, malware, and scams.

Day 5 – Internet/Email
The fifth day is spent learning how to use search engines and completing a research paper on a topic of choice.

Microsoft Office

Day 6 – PowerPoint
The sixth day is a fun day where students get to create a slideshow from scratch about their favorite topic.

Day 7 – 10 Word
The seventh to tenth day is spent learning all about Word documents. We learn how to create tables, download templates, navigate the ribbon, how to print, etc.

Day 11 – 14 Excel
The eleventh to fourteenth day is spent learning all about Excel spread sheets. We learn how to navigate around the cells, create formulas, create and download templates, etc.
Instructor: Sarah Teter


*To register for this course please call Bert Forrester at 250.850.2007 and press 2. If you are paying on behalf of an agency and have discussed with Bert please click the link below.


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