Barista Course

3657_10151631857955850_1648607765_nTraining Description

This is a 1-day training that will prepare students to work in one of the fastest growing Industries. Students will receive a barista certificate upon completion.

Learning Objective

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

  • greet all customer and present beverage menu
  • discuss beverage items, make suggestions and answer any inquiries
  • take customer orders accurately
  • operate coffee making equipment
  • prepare and present beverages according to established recipe and presentation standards
  • serve prepared food items such as muffins and bagels
  • prepare and pack coffee bean purchases for customers
  • record and accurately process purchases using the POS system
  • collect and process payments from the customer including cash, credit and debit cards
  • comply with health, safety and hygiene guidelines and regulations
  • ensure customer service stations are well stocked
  • maintain clean and hygienic work area
  • dismantle and clean machinery as needed
  • display merchandise in an attractive and functional manner
  • complete opening and closing duties for each shift



“The barista course was fun. I learned a lot about different kinds of drinks. Taste testing was the bomb” -SL

“Overall being here given this opportunity to benefit my future. I would like to appreciate Dyan for her time and everything she’s taught me and how understanding she is in her ways of teaching.” -anonymous

“I’ve learned how to make mochas, espressos and ice capps. I recommend taking this course because it will help you know how much and what to put in the drinks.” -TM


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