Andrew Smith

I have been working in the Geomatics Industry for 15 years, with in the natural resource sector. I have worked with large mining companies, forestry companies and federal, provincial and municipal governments. I have helped to set up forestry survey crews, utility surveys and have helped train many first nations communities, and groups in Cultural Heritage surveying and data collection. I am a GIS analyst working towards my professional GIS designation. I have been training and teach in the Geomatics industry for 10 years, and work with the URSIA GISCorps for over 4 years helping in disaster aid and relief mapping, such as the 2014 Nepal Earth Quake and the 2016 Michael Hurricane in Haiti.  I also have in-depth knowledge in data analyse, working with Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, Power Point, and database management and setup. I also have experience building and designing Websites, and web applications. Web mapping, database development, sever management and suite of Adobe products (Adobe Acrobat Pro X., Publisher, Photoshop, and Adobe forms). I have worked with many First Nations groups for setting up training, for computer studies, forestry, GPS and GIS mapping training as well as Wildfire training and economic development.


I also enjoy playing and coaching basketball and have coached for over 10 years, and am currently coaching the Jr. Girls at timberline. I enjoy Geocaching and mountain biking, as well as Python coding and web app building in my spare time.