Tech Talk Tuesday


Join us Tuesdays (June 12, June 19, and June 26) for lunch as Corey Magowan of Izco presents:


What’s all the hype with 3D printers? Augmented Reality? VR? Google Expeditions, I-Everything, Robots and Automation, Python, Apps for Business, VR Escape Rooms, Apps for Education and Entertainment…It’s an exciting time to be in business and develop or maintain the Global Reach…Amazon is only the beginning.

Cost: $15.00 for a single session or $30.00 for all 3 sessions in June.

All sessions take place at Mosaic Vocational School’s new office location for 12:00pm-1:00pm. Bring your lunch, bring a friend and join us as we take a peek into our future.

NOTE: Stay tuned for more dates and topics! If you receive a voucher for a tech talk you can use it for ANY tech talk session. 


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