Tis The Season For Learning

In Campbell River, when the famous climbing man gets his Santa suit on it is always a sign that Christmas is nearing. On November 26, 2015 three city workers took on the difficult task of dressing a wooden man 4x their own size. For many years now it has been a tradition for the historical climbing man located at Spirit Square, to be dressed up as Santa Claus. For anyone who sees him, it is usually an indication it is timeindex to start Christmas shopping.

Mosaic Vocational School’s student Billy figured that this yearly event could be a good learning opportunity. Currently, Ashton is enrolled in a computer course where he is studying everything from Microsoft Office to how to use a smart phone. So with his smart phone in hand he captured this photo and with the help of his instructor he then learned how to email the photo to a computer so it could be edited and thrown into Microsoft Word, something he thought wasn’t possible.

For many, the Christmas season is also a time to start setting goals for the New Year. However, most goals set are usually to do with weight loss or quitting smoking, but for Billy it is to open a new business. After being involved in an accident, Billy was confronted with an injury and consequently was no longer able to work as a professional painter. Thus, he was faced with having to change his career to something that didn’t involve heavy physical labour. Billy realized that if he was going start a new career and open his own business, he was going to have to get extremely comfortable with computers.

This is an issue that many people unfortunately face in their life time, but the truth is that computer literacy is a skill that is becoming harder to ignore. Proof can be found by looking at all the new community mail boxes, as just about everything can be done online one way or another, eliminating the need for home delivery.

Billy says, “Mosaic Vocational School’s computer course has opened up my eyes in a way I cannot explain. I didn’t use the computer before because I didn’t think I needed it, but now I am aware of all the possibilities. I will now be able to do my own advertising over social media, create a basic website, and do my own book keeping. I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings.” Conclusively, what would have just been a neat sight of a couple of city workers dressing a wooden man in a Santa suit is now an actual image, uploaded, emailed, and shared with the world.

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