Want to become a landscaper?

IMG_1238Be on the lookout for our newly trained landscapers. Our instructors Debra and George have been busy training new students almost weekly. We even have courses booked as far as Maple Ridge and Chilliwack in the upcoming weeks. If you are interested in becoming a landscaper don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can start planning your training needs!



Our Mission

dfgfMosaic Vocational School specializes in bringing customized courses to your community. We offer flexibility in scheduling, location, class size, individual tutoring and new ideas. We partner with other institutions and industry experts to bring together training not otherwise available locally. Mosaic customizes training to fit the needs of students and their community.

At Mosaic, students can expect to be treated with caring and respect, we offer a variety of environment to meet the needs of the learner, we provide structured and supportive approach to learning.

If you need to learn it, we’ll find a way!

NEW! Independent Living Assistant Series

14509941883_8788161296_bMosaic Vocational School is excited to announce that we have developed a new 4 week course called the Independent Living Assistant Series. This course is designed to teach students how to be caregivers for those who can no longer do it themselves due to illness, age, or disability.

According to The Family Caregivers of British Columbia 80-90% of all care for the ill, aged and dependent in British Columbia is done in the home by friends and family. If you’re the informal, unpaid caregiver for an aging parent or family member, you know all about the difficulty in balancing their needs. At some point, you may need to pay for more comprehensive help or get professional training yourself so that you are better prepared to cope with the demands of being a caregiver.

Graduates of the Independent Living Assistant Series are professionally trained and are equipped with the tools and skills to ensure that their client, friend or family member receives the support they need to live their lives as independently as possible. The program has been developed not to replace other Health Care Professionals but to compliment them, perhaps as a stepping stone for pursuing a career in Health and Wellness or simply to ensure the caregiver feels confident in the care they are giving.

If you are interested in signing up for our January series or would like more information please call us at 250-850-2007.

October Courses

All of us at Mosaic have been extremely busy designing new courses and making upgrades to old ones.

We are excited to announce that during the month of October that we will be running our new Leadership course. Students will be working together to create and design a 30+ page colouring book that features well known landmarks from all over Campbell River. Once the colouring books are completed they will be available for purchase at Mosaic Vocational School. If you would like to pre-order a book please give us a call. They are suited for all age ranges 0-100 and would make a great Christmas present for almost anyone.

Our Leadership course is full this time around, however anyone is welcome to sign up for the hospitality portions (Cashier & POS, WHMIS, FOODSAFE, Customer Service, and Barista).


Big News for Mosaic!

Recently at Mosaic we have undergone some big changes. We now offer our courses all over British Columbia! That’s right ALL OVER BC. We are the traveling school that brings education right to your door.

image1 (002)Mosaic Vocational School has just implemented three NEW courses; Campground Attendant, Line Cook Kitchen Helper, and Landscape & Grounds Maintenance. The Campground Attendant Course was just taught in Ucluelet and Port Alberni. This course teaches students how to care for and run a campground professionally. The Line Cook Kitchen Helper Series was just held in Gold River (grad photos soon to come). During this course students earn certificates for Foodsafe, Barista, Customer Service, Food & Beverage Server, and Serving it Right, as well as a Line Cook Certificate. The best thing about this course is all the hands on cooking and eating. Another new course is our Landscape & Grounds Maintenance Series which was just held in Campbell River and Courtenay. Students learn about different types of soils, lighting, and fertilizers. They also get to design their own garden beds and practice hands on at GreenClips Nursery in Courtenay.

Currently, we are developing three more new courses; Home Health Aide, Janitorial, and Green House Management. We hope to offer these in the very near future.

Tis The Season For Learning

In Campbell River, when the famous climbing man gets his Santa suit on it is always a sign that Christmas is nearing. On November 26, 2015 three city workers took on the difficult task of dressing a wooden man 4x their own size. For many years now it has been a tradition for the historical climbing man located at Spirit Square, to be dressed up as Santa Claus. For anyone who sees him, it is usually an indication it is timeindex to start Christmas shopping.

Mosaic Vocational School’s student Billy figured that this yearly event could be a good learning opportunity. Currently, Ashton is enrolled in a computer course where he is studying everything from Microsoft Office to how to use a smart phone. So with his smart phone in hand he captured this photo and with the help of his instructor he then learned how to email the photo to a computer so it could be edited and thrown into Microsoft Word, something he thought wasn’t possible.

For many, the Christmas season is also a time to start setting goals for the New Year. However, most goals set are usually to do with weight loss or quitting smoking, but for Billy it is to open a new business. After being involved in an accident, Billy was confronted with an injury and consequently was no longer able to work as a professional painter. Thus, he was faced with having to change his career to something that didn’t involve heavy physical labour. Billy realized that if he was going start a new career and open his own business, he was going to have to get extremely comfortable with computers.

This is an issue that many people unfortunately face in their life time, but the truth is that computer literacy is a skill that is becoming harder to ignore. Proof can be found by looking at all the new community mail boxes, as just about everything can be done online one way or another, eliminating the need for home delivery.

Billy says, “Mosaic Vocational School’s computer course has opened up my eyes in a way I cannot explain. I didn’t use the computer before because I didn’t think I needed it, but now I am aware of all the possibilities. I will now be able to do my own advertising over social media, create a basic website, and do my own book keeping. I can’t wait to see what the New Year brings.” Conclusively, what would have just been a neat sight of a couple of city workers dressing a wooden man in a Santa suit is now an actual image, uploaded, emailed, and shared with the world.